Dr. Jon Fledzinskas

Clinical and sport Psychologist Based in West LA

Hi! Thanks for visiting this small webpage about me. My name is Jon and my preferred pronouns are he/him/his. I am a licensed clinical and sport / performance psychologist based out of Southern California (CA License #33071). I am a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC) through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. I’ve been providing clinical services since 2016 and value helping other human beings, particularly those that are neurodivergent. In my work I always make it a point to emphasize empathy, compassion, and loving-kindness.

I am on a lifelong journey involving continued growth and learning more about myself and the people I have the privilege to work with. I am striving to be a better person professionally and personally each day. My work as a clinical psychologist aligns with what I feel my purpose in life is and I enjoy my job tremendously.

After I finished my graduate studies at California Lutheran University I completed my doctoral internship at the University of Oklahoma within the Oklahoma Sport Psychology Consortium in 2020. Before moving back to my family and friends in California, I then finished my post-doctoral training at Commander Counseling and Wellness in Norman, OK in 2021. I’ve been running my private practice in Westlake Village, CA since 2021!


A clinical psychologist is a doctoral-level clinician that is able to provide several types of therapeutic and psychological services and support. Clinical psychologists use psychological theories and evidence-based research to inform their work. Types of services clinical psychologists offer include varius forms of therapy, neuropsychological assessment, supervision, expert presentations, and consultation. Licensed clinical psychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA-accredited university and are thoroughly trained, culturally sensitive, and effective at using their clinical skills with a variety of people holding different identities and from various backgrounds.

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