Neurodivergent-affirming Therapy, Assessments, and applied sport psychology
in West LA and Throughout California Online

Therapy Fees:

My fee for a 60-minute therapy session is $210. I raise my rates every year by a small amount to adjust for the cost of living in California and inflation. Sliding scale options are available on a limited basis. I encourage clients to ask up front and be open about their financial situation when comfortable.

Psychological Assessments Fees: 

An online psychological assessment for ADHD and/or Autism costs $1,550. I do not take insurance at my practice, so all fees are entirely paid out of pocket. You may request to pay the evaluation in three equal, separate installments (three separate payments of $516.66). These payments can be spread out over a two-month period if requested.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment Fees:

The full fee is $4,820, which covers the initial appointment, testing appointment, and feedback appointment, as well as free follow-up emails and phone consultations as needed, depending on your specific needs and any issues you face with finding appropriate care and support after assessment has been completed. This assessment is more expensive than the online option due to the cost of testing materials for cognitive and executive function assessment in person. This option is considered more comprehensive, as it involves performance-based tests, IQ testing, and academic testing.

Sliding scale options for reduced-fee neuropsychological assessments are available on a limited basis and I encourage you to speak with me or my administrative staff about any financial concerns you may have. You may request to pay the assessment in three equal, separate installments.

Sport Psychology Fees:

My fee for a 60-minute sport psychology session is $210 for individuals. For teams, sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and the fee is $270. The price is negotiable based on the time requested and the needs of each individual/group.

Consultations and Training Fees:

My fees for consultations and training are $200 every 60 minutes. Current trainings offered include:

1. How to conduct neurodivergent-affirming psychological assessment

2. How to provide neurodivergent-affirming therapy within any therapeutic modality and theoretical lens.

Consultation and training for supervisees and those interested in other areas of expertise denoted throughout my website is available upon request – please send me a message about any inquiries for consultation or training.

I am a fully private pay practice, which means I do not take insurance. Insurance companies limit the care I can provide you, requiring me to label you with a mental health diagnosis in order to cover your care and have potential access to all medical information, including private notes I am mandated to take after our sessions. As a private pay psychologist, I can provide dedicated, specialized care, without worrying about burnout, rejected claims, or biased coverage limits – it literally gives me more time and space to take better care of myself and provide you more quality therapy.

If you are interested, I do offer superbills. Please see below. 

Yes, I offer superbills. Superbills are itemized lists of all the services I’ve provided you that you can give to your insurance provider in order to get reimbursed for Out of Network services. They require me to place a medical diagnosis to “prove” to insurance companies that you qualify for care that they deem to be “medically necessary.”

To get reimbursed for a superbill, you must file an Out of Network claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will review the claim and reimburse some or all of your costs. It’s best to first review with your insurance company what services they will reimburse you for. Call and ask them if they will reimburse you for Out of Network services. Provide them with a “CPT Code” of 90837, which is 60 minutes of therapy. Some of the other services I offer may be covered – please call me to discuss those and I can provide you more CPT codes to check.

Generally, your FSA will cover therapy and assessments they are provided for a “medical or mental health purpose.” It’s always best to first check with your FSA plan. 

Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long at a minimum. If you require additional time in the session based on your needs that day, I am flexible and do not charge for additional time if I have it. I typically try to not book sessions back-to-back in case this happens.

Online assessments consist of three sessions. The initial session typically lasts between 30-60 minutes long. The second session is paperwork to be completed by you, which can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you would like. We will discuss a due date together. The third session, the feedback appointment, typically lasts between 60-90 minutes long.

Neuropsychological assessments consist of three sessions. The initial session typically lasts between 30-60 minutes long. The second session typically lasts between 2 and a half to 5 hours. The third session, the feedback appointment, typically lasts between 60-90 minutes long.

Sport psychology sessions are 60 minutes long at a minimum for individuals. For teams/groups, they are 90 minutes long at a minimum. 

Yes, I offer free check-in phone calls that can last up to 45 minutes every three to four weeks as needed if I am seeing your child in therapy. I also offer paid-for consultation if requested by a parent for their child’s continued support if I am not currently seeing them in therapy.

Yes! I believe games (video games, card games, etc.) can be used in therapy, especially in gamer-affirmative therapy, to connect, process complicated feelings, and grow. Video games played are done in-office to avoid any complications related to privacy and HIPAA with internet use. I am continuing to learn how to utilize shared play and games online and may eventually offer this.

The core principle of neurodivergent affirming therapy is to promote authentic compassion, self-acceptance, and empowerment as you are right now. As a neurodivergent affirming therapist, I recognize that neurodivergence is not a flaw or illness that needs to be “fixed” or corrected. Neurodivergent affirming therapy acknowledges and affirms how neurodivergence can be difficult and how everyone has a unique lived experience with different needs. It means we honor the challenges you are facing having to navigate a neurotypical world, we develop any skills you believe you need to thrive, and we affirm your ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that work for you without trying to change who you are.

Sport psychology is the study of how psychological factors affect sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. As a licensed sport psychologist, I can help you improve your game and refine your repertoire of mental skills to help you reach peak performance. Learn more about sport psychology here

Mental skills training helps athletes of every level to better control their “actions, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in order to improve their games.” The use of these mental skills to enhance performance is typically referred to as “applied sport psychology.” Mental skills training helps build skills and techniques that help improve concentration, body language, self-esteem, positive mindset, attention, adversity management, routines, and more. To learn more about mental skills training, click here.

Esport psychology is similar to sport psychology, but geared towards esport athletes and competitive gamers. While pro gamers may not have the same physical demands as some athletes, they are still required to maintain an elite level of awareness, concentration, dexterity, communication, mental wellness and more. In fact, some of the unique stressors that competitive gamers face are not addressed directly in traditional sport psychology approaches. Thus, an esport psychologist can help competitive gamers improve their mental game, working on such things as enhancing focus, managing difficult and performance-impacting emotions, building team-related communication and performance skills, maintaining physical health, and more!

Autistic, ADHD & Neurodiverse Therapy & Assessments for All Ages
Based in West LA & Available Throughout CA

I am grateful and excited to be a part of your journey!

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