Online Parent Support Group

For guardians and parents of Autistic, ADHD, and AuDHD kids and teens

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Online Parent Support Group for Parents and Guardians of Neurodivergent Kids and Teens

I am currently facilitating a monthly parent support group for any adults taking care of Autistic, ADHD, or AuDHD kids and teens. The support group runs every few months and serves to help educate parents on affirming strategies and empower them to connect with others that can share their experiences.

Here are some key points and areas of emphasis I will always center within each group’s experience:

  • Understanding Neurodivergent Communication and Connection
  • Using Interests to Connect, Regulate, and Communicate
  • Sensory Needs and Sensory Profiles
  • Executive Function Needs and Strategies
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Information about the next parent group

Common questions Asked About the Group

You will be welcomed and able to introduce yourself at our first meeting. Having your webcam on is optional and all members will remain muted when not speaking. Speaking is encouraged to help you get your parenting needs met and connect with other members, though it is optional as well. Use of the chat is permitted throughout.

The first session (occasionally two) involves Dr. Jon providing education on Autistic and ADHD needs, including ways to unlearn harmful stereotypes and recognize your child’s strengths. Parent participation happens based on each member’s needs and openness to engage. Later sessions can evolve into more open discussion, in which Dr. Jon will mediate as needed and help guide conversations to benefit the growth and wellness of each child being discussed.

Groups can vary based on the amount and needs of members; they currently run once a month, but can happen more often based on each group’s need and requests from members.

Dr. Jon will have a variety of resources ready to hand out virtually both during and after the group. He has a list of trusted, vetted providers that are neurodivergent-affirming he can set you and/or your children up with if needed for individual therapy. Other providers he is actively working on building connections with include psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other related providers. He is also available via email for any questions or concerns as a consultant.

You will only be charged for each group you are able to attend and you must let Dr. Jon know within 12 hours of the group or you will be charged a $25 late cancellation fee. It is helpful for all group members to have regular attendance – you are able to actively participate in learning and supporting yourself while also offering support for other parents by being present.

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Virtual Support Group for parents of Autistic and ADHD Kids and Teens for Any Resident in CAlifornia

Get Ready to Learn, Unlearn, and Grow Together

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