Neuropsychological Assessment

ADHD, Autism and Learning Disorder Assessment
in West LA and Ventura County

woman taking psychological assessment, Psychological Assessments, West LA
woman taking neuropsychological assessment, Neuropsychological Assessments, West LA

What is Neuropsychological Assessment?

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Neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive, multi-step collaboration between myself and my clients. Assessment aims to help you, the client, understand and gain insight into your strengths and areas of your life and inner experience you find problematic or challenging. Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment can shed light on your thought patterns, challenging emotions, intellectual or cognitive capabilities, and problematic behaviors you may or may not be aware of. At my practice, I provide assessment for children (as young as age 4), adolescents, and adults seeking diagnostic clarity for various concerns. During the formal testing portion of assessment, various tests are completed by pen and paper, on a tablet, and verbally to obtain both objective and subjective information about a client’s current well-being. These psychological tests can measure various aspects of our brain’s functioning, including:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Sensory Challenges
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Metacognition
  • Impulse Control
  • Mood
  • Decision Making
  • And more!


ADHD and Executive Functioning Problems

Autism and Adaptive CHallenges

Learning Disorders and Academic Issues

Mood and Trauma-Related Disorders

The Assessment Process

Based in Westlake Village, CA

Step 1 - The Initial Appointment

You will meet with me either in-person or via video call for your first assessment session. Before the meeting, an email link will be sent out to have you complete digital paperwork (for yourself or your loved one). This paperwork must be completed before the initial meeting. The first meeting can take between 30 minutes to one hour, in which I will review the information you have given me and ask you further questions in a formal interview to prepare for the assessment. After the interview is completed, I may have you fill out further paperwork based on information gathered. I will also request if I can speak with people that have been involved with you or your loved one throughout earlier developmental years (such as grandparents, previous teachers, and/or friends). Any questions you have about the assessment process will be answered as thoroughly and transparently as possible before testing begins. Your comfort is my utmost priority!

Step 2 - The Testing Appointment

The second appointment can be held anywhere between a day to two weeks later depending on my availability. It is held in-person only at Westlake Village and is where you will be completing psychological tests and measures described above. These are the tests that are given in various ways, including on a tablet, verbally, and on written forms. Please do not prepare or coach your loved one before testing, as it may invalidate the results and hinder you or them from getting the support they need! Assessment typically can last between two and a half to five hours. Before you arrive to the appointment, please be sure to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Not take any ADHD-related medication 36 hours before testing
  • Not drink coffee before testing
  • Bring a snack or water if desired
  • Plan your travel and the time it takes to arrive at my office
  • Ask me if you have any questions about testing

Step 3 - The Feedback Appointment

Once testing is completed, you will then be scheduled to meet with me for our third and final appointment either in-person or via video call per your preference. This meeting is typically scheduled a week or two after testing is completed. At the feedback session, I will review all of your assessment results, thoroughly explaining each test you completed, the reasons they were given, and how the results can explain your challenges, strengths, and growth areas. At the conclusion of feedback, one or multiple diagnoses may be discussed in a compassionate, affirming way. My aim is to arrive at a diagnosis that explains your reasons for seeking assessment and can benefit you. I will want you to leave feedback having a stronger sense of yourself and how you can continue to receive support. A diagnosis is only as useful as the treatment and support it gives you; this philosophy is especially important for me and my process of creating a comprehensive written report after assessment is completed. Written reports typically take one to two weeks after feedback is completed and are emailed to you via a secure link to your client portal where you may download your report.

What Are My Fees for Testing?

I am a fully private pay practice and do not take insurance. For a comprehensive neuropsychological assesment, the full fee is $4,820, which covers all three sessions listed above as well as free follow-up emails and phone consultations as needed, depending on your specific needs and any issues you face with finding appropriate care and support after assessment has been completed. Sliding scale options for reduced assessment fees are available on a limited basis, and I encourage you to speak with myself or my administrative staff about any financial concerns you may have. You may request to pay the assessment in three equal, separate installments.

Your completed assessment report, including a comprehensive list of recommendations, will be emailed to you via the client portal within 10 business days of your feedback session. Please call my office or email me if you’d like to know more about pricing and the assessment process overall.

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