Online Assessment for Autism & ADHD

Online Testing for ADHD and Autism in California Only

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Telehealth Evaluations for ADHD and Autism

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My online evaluations for ADHD and/or Autism are psychological assessments aimed at helping you or your loved one find clarity and understanding. Neurodivergence is a form of invisible diversity – we cannot directly observe it within ourselves or others. Often the diagnostic labels of ADHD and Autism have been muddied by a history of stigma, internalized shame, societal stereotypes, neurotypical standards of how we “should” act and feel, and an over-reliance on criteria that are mainly descriptive of a very specific few people (predominantly young, white, cisgendered boys).

Evaluations with me involve a three step process (described below). They are completed entirely online and you, the client, must be present in the state of California to work with me throughout the process. During your evaluation, I will utilize my understanding of what neurodivergence actually is, help you discover and nourish an affirming and inclusive mindset when looking at you or your loved one’s lived experience, and assist you in gaining diagnostic clarity. You will receive a written report detailing your results, including diagnoses discussed at feedback and a variety of recommendations for your ongoing support needs. Please note that I do not refer to my services as “ASD Evaluations” as I believe identifying the Autistic neurotype as a disorder is invalidating and non-affirming both as a philosophy and as a common language when discussing Autistic people.


Why Do My Clients Seek out an assessment?


Formal Diagnosis and Support


THE ONLINE ADHD or Autism Assessment PROCESS


Step 1 - The Initial Appointment

You will meet with me via telehealth video call for your first session. Before the meeting, an email link will be sent out to have you complete digital paperwork (for yourself or your loved one). This paperwork must be completed before the initial meeting. The first meeting can take between 30 minutes to one hour, in which I will review the information you have given me and ask you further questions in a formal interview. After the interview is completed, I will prepaer to send out measures for you to complete. I will also request if I can speak with people that have been involved with you or your loved one throughout earlier developmental years (such as grandparents, previous teachers, and/or friends). Any questions you have about the evaluation process will be answered as thoroughly and transparently as possible. Your comfort is my utmost priority!

Step 2 - Completing Forms and Gathering Information

The second step for your online evaluation is completing all paperwork sent to you. These forms are specifically developed for neurodivergent people and will ask you various questions about you or your loved ones lived experience, including challenges and personal strengths. These forms can be done as quickly or slowly as you’d like, and I request that they be done by a date we will set together.

Once all forms are completed and I have conducted interviews with informants that you give me permission to speak with, we will schedule a feedback session to be done via telehealth video call again. You may keep in touch with me throughout this process via email (which is not a secure format for communication) or via Spruce (a HIPAA-compliant system I use with clients).

Step 3 - The Feedback Appointment

This meeting is typically scheduled one to two weeks after all forms have been completed. At the feedback session, I will have a lengthy discussion with you about your evaluation scores and any relevant information I have gathered from informant interviews. I will provide you explanations about any signs of neurodivergence you have discussed with me either during our interview or throughout your evaluation responses. We will collaboratively review your history and habits of thought, feelings, and behavior, carefully examining what “works” for you and where you may be struggling. At the conclusion of feedback, one or multiple diagnoses may be discussed in a compassionate, affirming way, with the ultimate goal to help you, the client, leave our session understanding yourself and how to get support from other people and places that are safea and helpful. My philosophy is that a formal diagnosis is only as useful as the support it provides you. A written report detailing the results of your evaluation and my personal recommendations for ongoing support will typically take one to two weeks to complete. It will be emailed to you via a secure link to gain access to your client portal where you may download your report.

What Are My Fees for An online ADHD or Autism evaluation?

An online psychological assessment for ADHD and/or Autism costs $1,550. I do not take insurance at my practice, so all fees are entirely paid out of pocket. You may request to pay the evaluation in three equal, separate installments (three separate payments of $516.66). These payments can be spread out across a one month period if requested.

Your completed evaluation report, including a comprehensive list of recommendations and all information we discussed at feedback, will be emailed to you via the client portal within 10 business days of your feedback session. Please call my office or email me if you’d like to know more about pricing and the evaluation process overall.

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