Consultation and Training

For neurodivergent-affirming therapists, neuropsychological assessment, and
sport and performance psychologists


Trainings and Consultation Offered

Are you a professional seeking to enhance your skills or receive further training? Do you want to work more with neurodivergent clients or learn how to conduct comprehensive neuropsychological asssessment?

The following are areas professionals seek me out for consultation:

  • Providing Neurodivergent- and Gamer-Affirming Therapy
  • Conducting Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment: Intake, Test-Selection, Test-Administration, Feedback, and Report Writing
  • Utilizing Applied Sport and Peformance Psychology with Competitive Populations

Specialized training, presentations, and consultation from a Clinical Psychologist in west la and ventura county

I am grateful to help you grow and enhance your skills to reach a wider variety of clients

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