Neurodivergent-Affirming Therapy

Therapy for Autistic, ADHD and OCD folks in West LA & Ventura County, Available In-Person & Online Throughout CA

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Neurodivergent-Affirming Therapy for All Ages in West LA, Ventura County, and Online in CA

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I work with those who have been labeled different from other people they interact with. I work with people who have brain developmental patterns, or neurotypes, that deviate away from the “typical.” Hence, my clients fit the description of being neurodivergent.

Are you or your loved one struggling with poor self-esteem, shame, or anxiety in social situations? Do you have challenges completing daily tasks or finding the energy to get through the day? Maybe you’re burnt out or don’t have the support or resources to move forward some days.

If you’re formally diagnosed or self-identified Autistic, ADHD and/or OCD, I am here for you. I am a neurodivergent-affirming psychologist and want to help you live life in a way that is both manageable and authentic for you!

My approach to therapy centers around understanding your strengths, validating and recognizing the barriers to care and support you deal with, and centering what matters to you in your life currently. I truly believe you are the expert on yourself,and I am the guide to facilitate change and healing you desire. I have worked with many neurodivergent clients that have dealt with a history of invalidation and burnout from having to navigate environments that promote ableism and functional labels that can be harmful. These experiences can foster shame-based narratives in one’s mind that they are “lazy” or “bad” in some way. I strive to promote authentic compassion, self-acceptance, and empowerment for my clients to live lives as themselves in all contexts they navigate, whenever possible.

Key Points of My Neurodiverse Therapy

Promoting Healing and Acceptance

Empowering Your Strengths

Identifying paths for Change

Neurodivergent-Affirming ​Therapy Fees

Westlake Village, CA Office | Online Therapy Available

I am a fully private pay practice and accept cash or credit card payments. I provide superbills for clients wanting to use their out-of-network benefits through their insurance company if they have them.

My fee for a 60 minute therapy session is $210. Sliding scale options are only available on a limited basis, though I encourage clients to ask up front and be open about their financial situation when comfortable.

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Affirmative Therapy for ADHD, Autism, OCD / Neurodivergent People in West LA and VenturA County

Being Different Doesn't Mean You're Any Less
Let's Work Together, Address Your Challenges & Find Out How You Can Attain Wellness

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